Note: I ask/request you all to read this post fully with an open mind. I am going to speak the bitter TRUTH quite blatantly that I’ve been holding on for so long. This is one of the most important post that I’ve ever wrote.

Humanity is in great mess & danger. THEY have divided us all, compartmentalized all the humanity in different groups, gave THEIR own compromised teachings to serve THEIR agenda, and step by step taking our freedom & Sovereignty right in front of you and most of you still directly or indirectly supporting these Globalist Government, Cabal, All these controller groups that are fooling you all and making you complacent. And so many of you falling for “TRUMP-Q-ALLIANCE AGENDA” who is/are just controlled opposition psych-op. Who has the same goals to Enslave humanity as Evil Cabal. But the method of doing so varies. Let me explain>>

Beast 1 system (CABLE/PEDO = SATAN Group) [dark polarity] left wing

Beast 2 System (Trump-Q-GFL-Alliance= Luciferian Group) [Fake Light Polarity] right wing.

So these^ are the 2 main groups. Although THEY too are fighting against each other. But there is a massive trickery going on.

What most people arr doing is that they arr looking at only 1 wing when both wings belong to the same Eagle (Phoenix) that is out to Grip over HUMANITY’ freedom/sovereignty. “From RISE OF PHOENIX…THEY are referring to THEM The Carian species who has the phoenix as their symbol. You will find that all of the Egyptian gods with bird masks are Carian as well. This is a Race equally dangerous as DRACOS. So it’s THEM showing you symbolically that THEY are rising from the Ashes (HELL ~ Underworld”) 

Carian species who has the phoenix as their symbol.

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How complacent THEY have made Humanity is visible by the fact that. Humanity is still allowing THEM to put Fluoride in our drinking water that calcifies our Pineal Gland, And blind people to see beyond 5 senses. Fluoride should have been completely banned by now. By allowing THEM to use thermometer gun right at your head. Not knowing that it emits higher infrared radiation that actually kill neurons in your brain & dumb you down more.

Allowing Bill Gates, & many other criminal Billionaires to not only maintain their high position. When Bill along with other similar psychopaths should have been hanged and acknowledged for their crimes against humanity, For killing 10 millions + people by now. But what we see is that Trump giving BILLIONS to Billionaire Bill GATES for his vaccine program & yet people are so complacent that they still allowing these to happen? & The biggest irony is People blindly believing TRUMP’ statement that he fixed 5g, some fools even saying he fixed chemtrails. Height of insanity!!!

Just because you hear this from Trump-Q that they are arresting pedo’, those criminals & saved few children doesn’t mean THEY have no selfish agenda behind doing so.

Save the Children’ Campaign…

You know how really deranged and power-hungry people can use things like ‘non-profits’ and ‘charities’ to cover up child trafficking? Well in this very same way, these same kinds people can also pick up on hype issues, such as ‘child trafficking’ and then use emotionally driven narratives to dupe us into beLIEing they actually care. When, in reality, they are waist-deep in the same swamp.

Why would they do this if they are involved? this is totally obvious. When you, yourself are guilty of things, then you need to look like the ‘good guy who disapproves and is doing something about it.’ Especially when there is plenty of incriminating evidences out on you that you don’t want people to take seriously.

Katie Johnson filed her suit against Epstein and Trump 3 times. And in the end she disappeared in fright after her cell phone and car went missing and she’d received too many death threats and harassment (quite similar to the kind Maria Farmer did). She also had a witness, her former handler who was still underage at that time, and thus actually a mutual victim. Read all the proofs & Documents here:

So THEY just focused on savethechildren but what about #SaveTheHumanity? Why focusing only on #BlackLivesMatter when #EveryInnocentLifeMatter should have been popularized & focused on? It is all DIVIDE & CONQUER through Emotional Psychology control Strategy to WIN your TRUST & FOOL you all that THEY care about you.

If your Gov./Trump Really cared for the Humanity than THEY should have completely BANNED such vaccines entirely, Why kept it as an OPTION? Why he needs US army to deliver vaccines? (If this doesn’t give you clue of his sinister agenda than you are still sleeping). THEY should have banned Fluoride, why it is still in the drinking water? THEY should have Banned CHEMTRAILS why THEY still not openly telling about it? THEY should have banned the ELECTRONIC MIND-kontrol HARASSMENT why THEY still allowing spy satellites, HAARP, Gwen Towers to utilize targeting not just weather, but key innocent people, too, traumatizing, destroying their entire lives and their numbers are more than 50k+ worldwide THEY never spoke about it?

Why after 30 years of CHEMTRAILING THEY very loosely admit that CHEMTRAILING is real??? Remember how many sheeples called those of us crazy conspiracy theorist saying those are just water vapor trails? But after 30 Years of constant damage and achieving THEIR sinister agenda of making our Atmosphere dielectric, & full of nano metals, nano technology Morgellons fibers craps. THEY finally admit that Chemtrails exist? Imagine what would happen after THEY vaccinate you all. And THEN admit openly that yes THEY had put these nano technology knowingly for keeping watch on everyone by acting as a “thought police” (Happening in China). You wont be able to do anything afterwards, since you would be placed into Human 2.0 Cyborg clone body. And then THEY would remotely control every single actions of you. You won’t be able to cry but your consciousness would know what the biggest mistake you had made of your entire existence letting such things happened to yourself & Humanity. THEY want you to be fully become THEIR slave. As THEY have plans to develop massive Technocrats world, & enslave more worlds. [Just telling you about what would actually happen to you if you still remained on the same trajectory.]

SOLAREN ~ SUN SIMULATOR: Agenda to block Natural Sun

THEY even BLOCKED OUR NATURAL SUN using Sun Simulator technologies. The Solaren Technology. Did Q-Trump ever talked about sun blocking sun simulators/Solaren Technologies? Not a single time. For THEY only play POLITICS. They don’t care about Humanity at all.

THEY put chemtrails/chemclouds daily to cover the glaring bright white solaren patent covering our real sun (it’s so called clean energy) that is not clean, and in fact, is a dew. It burns the skin, eyes and makes people queasy. “beaming powerful RF frequency to a powerstation, with deployments of AL.” They told no one about and PG&E/US Rothschill owned utilities assigns everyone a “Clean Energy Provider” at a lesser rate. Supposedly it’s used to power their NWO UNAgenda 21, harmful to health and sovereignty, worldwide ‘Smart’ emf/led/dew/iot/ai Cities Grid (con-troll pHarm) and electric cars by Fraud. To phase out fossil fuels that do not cause Climate Change, that’s covertly engineered targeting regions and populations. Here in California first they engineered the drought, pretended it’s climate change (co2 and fossil fuels) and now this. It’s unacceptable and a reckless crime against humanity and mother nature.

Remember Californian Fire?  In California first THEY engineered the drought, pretended it’s climate change (co2 and fossil fuels), Used the DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) to burn not just California, Amazon forest, Australian Forest, but many homes, innocent people’ properties in order to claim those land as THEIR, etc. & blamed it on people & called it just an accident? And you people almost forget the huge damage THEY did to Mother Earth ecosystem, killed so many wildlife, Burned their homes. And you people didn’t even cared to investigate the real Truth about those fires? And you say you love your Pet/animals? Of course you only selfishly & conditionally love cute pets and your favorite animals, birds, etc. Because if you really loved animals unconditionally than you would investigates these things & fight back the controllers and criminals who are responsible for this.

THEY are manipulating weathers, creating hurricane, drought, heat wave, using Dew/HAARP/SOLAREN/Weather Manipulation Technologies. Mother Earth & many targeted individuals are screaming in pain & literally crying for help but no one is listening to them. And you people are still sleeping, distracted & busy in your own life, while your Earth/Humanity is getting rapped right in front of you.

CALIFORNIA ARSON: Solaren Corp. “holds key patents for transmitting microwave directed energy from space to pinpoint locations on earth”

California Fires – Evidence of Arson by Directed Energy Weapons

Potential For Weaponizing Commercial Space-Based Solar Power Satellites.

Solaren Corp. is based in Manhattan Beach, CA. They holds two patents for transmitting microwave directed energy from space to pinpoint locations on earth.

1 – Under patent US7612284B2 , a solar-powered satellite will generate a powerful microwave radio frequency beam focused on an array of collector antennas where it will be transformed to electrical power supplied to PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric)

2- Under patent US20110204159A1, a solar-powered satellite will generate a powerful microwave radio frequency beam to control the weather by heating deployments of aluminum oxide or other conductive particulates, sprayed from aircraft. The patent describes methods of steering and changing the intensity of a hurricane.

The Solaren weather control patent (US20110204159A1) uses aircraft to spray aluminum oxide into the atmosphere above the clouds where microwave radiation is applied in order to heat the targeted weather element. Although the image depicts an attempt to alter a tropical cyclone (TC), the patent confirms that aluminum oxide sprayed from aircraft at altitudes within the troposphere is considered an effective method of warming the atmosphere. Furthermore, augmenting the intensity of a TC with aluminum oxide may not be limited to reducing intensity. Applying microwave heated aluminum oxide and/or carbon black to different sectors of a TC, or to adjacent atmosphere at different altitudes may be effective to steer and/or intensify a TC. (See data on HAMP (Hurricane Aeosol Microphysics Program) Solaren patent US20110204159A1 for weather control demonstrating jet aircraft spraying RF (Microwave) absorbing elements above the eye of a TC.

Some of you’re being so much deceived, dumbed down that you lost all the drive to think critically & take action against these crimes against humanity happening right in front of you all. But THEY turned you so selfish, unemphatic that now you only care about yourself, your own family, your own country but won’t care about humanity as a whole? And will stay complacent & in your comfort zone thinking “oh! My Gov. has made vaccines optional why would I care if another country has made it Mandatory?” (Ask Australian people how their country is getting destroyed If you people have any empathy left.)

NOTE: If Trump/Gov. can’t even ban the Fluoride in your drinking water forget about saving you Americans/world & giving you freedom/sovereignty. you are becoming part of the problem by BLINDLY beLIEving in THEIR agenda. Don’t forget that in 1952, Your own Gov. Sold America to Nazies. Who then infiltrated every single sectors and corporations. And US with Nazis + later other groups & countries created THEIR own Breakaway groups. Which many known as SSP’ & ICC’. THEY have bases on, Moon, MARS, All main planets of our Solar System & Their moons & Beyond.

How Mainstream Media Help Trump-Q To Get Popular?


THEY are brilliant in manipulation & playing double Agent. Because in a sense they are exposing a little bit of truth. At the same time, bashing Q peeps in the eyes of people who still follow mainstream news. But also triggering more people to jump on the Q bandwagon, which is likely their psy-op too.

In a sense, they got different psy-ops for different degrees of people on the awakening spectrum.

They know they can’t control awakening totally. They know that people don’t trust MSM as much. They know that this type of information is being looked into. So they step two steps ahead

If they wanted to stop trump and Q. They’d have a different democratic candidate. Even Bernie would of been better. They would shadow ban Q posts, silently manipulate the views, and mess with the algorithms. And they wouldn’t bash trump every day on MSM. Which has only given trump more energy, and brought people more into the movement. Ask a Q person why they became a Q anon, and 90% of the time its “because they hate trump, since they attack him on the media all the time.”

These people know very well the occult rules and laws of energy and attention. How do we know this constant placement of energy and attention on Trump isn’t intentional? How could it not be?

And then, not only do they dramatically supposedly censor these accounts. But then they release articles and announce to the world that they did it. Which only attracts MORE attention and draws MORE people to the movement.

Its like when someone plasters something in front of your face and then takes it away, saying “don’t look at it!” of course you are going to look.

Remember always THEY r masters in using psychological tricks, using your own desires, weakness in THEIR favor. THEY give you 99% truth and 1% distortion to lure and trap you.

THEY have expert psychologists in mass manipulation working for them, so when the vaccine comes out and it’s ready, they will say that it is NOT mandatory, and people will be happy about it like Q-Trump followers are at present, , but it is just a psychological and legal trick, & people are already falling for that trick like a rodent in a trap, because you will see that the threat of vaccines is no longer valid, falsely.

Vaccines alone will cause thousands upon thousands of deaths, but not necessarily. But the primary method of extermination will be the lack of food coupled with social problems. [Already Started]

What the vaccine will do, in addition to what is known, is to make the population sterile and unhealthy, causing them countless ailments, syndromes and health problems, which in turn will cause more vaccines and more dependency on Big Pharma.

But one of the main effects will be to render the population sterile. This is only logical because they could not exterminate everyone with the vaccine since in one way or another humans spread the word, but it will be more “discreet” collapsing fertility.

But I repeat, the vaccine itself kills. It contains nanotechnology to mess with your DNA, for population mind control using the new 5G networks, mostly in space, so it doesn’t do much good to have such technology banned in some places, without banning space based 5g weapons/satellites too.

THEY NEED YOUR CONSENT TO RULE ON YOU, & claim ownership on you ~ Universal Law

So, First step is to win your TRUST (Consent) for that Controllers can do any kinds of pretendness by throwing some breadcrumbs that helps THEM win your Trust & to give you illusion of all has been taken care of. And making u fall into “Savior mentality” ~ by making you think “Trump” is your savior/Massiha..he, Q, & white hats will save us all! {What a controlled opposition to make BEAST 2 system group looks like a savior. And making you complacent to FULLY rely on THEM! So you people give away your own power, responsibilities in the hands of the Same politicians, who are just puppets working for highly advanced, deceptive malevolent hyperdimensional groups “GFL (Galactic Federation of Light)+ more” who are the master mind behind this entire GLOBALIST takeover agenda through transhumanism. Digitizing everything.

THEIR common Strategies always goes like this: First THEY create PROBLEM, REACTION occurs as THEY make people fall so much into fear, hopelessness, pushing people to desperately demand the SOLUTION so THEY offer THEIR version of SOLUTION which serves THEIR agenda.

HOW? THEY brought these 5G technology. The “PROBLEM” THEY created is the high radiation emitting from 5g. This is what general people think that only issue with 5g is its high radiation so REACTION happened wordwide as people opposed 5G mainly due to its high radiation PROBLEM. So now THEY jumped in & gave THEIR version of Solution by lowering the 5G radiation by using Cobalt (Co-49%) – Iron (Fe-49%)–Vanadium (V-2%) together makes a soft magnetic alloy. But the real THREAT of 5g is not just its high radiation but its capabilities to carry AI signals, and for its utilization for multiple purposes like acting as a Em (Electromagnetic) Beam weapon, Controlling weather just like HAARP did, but now 5g is taking its place. By utilizing the magnets in 5G THEY actually made 5G even more efficient to utilize Ai carrier signals to not only control weather replacing HAARP, but to MIND CONTROL people, for Telepathic influence, For reading your thoughts, and to attack Targeted/undesirable people. So THEY very cleverly Fixed just the one of the popularized PROBLEM of high radiation harmful EMF. So now people will accept 5G thinking it got completely FIXED not knowing that it got more efficient to Mind Control u through Ai based technology. {REAL AGENDA IS TO MIND-KONTROL MASSES}

Another thing: You are forgetting about the 5g enabled satellites that Elon Musk is sending in space. What about that? Your Trump fixed that too? Big Fat “NO”.  It is a SKYNET in making. Remember THEY already showed you through Altered Carbon show what THEY are going to do with THEIR Skynet, and SPACE FORCE.

Another example: So THEY created Bioweapon/virus (Problem) like THEY always do to target specific genetics. And used heavy Chemtrailing to dump them on everyone. And then through 4G/5G they activated their Bioweapon/virus that is targeting key genetics and changing them. And locked us down, destroyed economy, billions of people are going through excruciating pain…THEY r literally pushing people to DEMAND the vaccines |(THEIR version of solution).  

Now even if THEY won’t make Vaccines mandatory in some regions or country. But THEY will strip your basic rights if you don’t have Covi-PaSS id 2020 “MARK OF THE BEAST”. So THEY won’t allow those of us to do job, business, get good facilities, or travel without getting vaccinated and getting CoVI-pass Id2020.

Now, can you Rejoice so-called patriots…your Trump/Gov. made Vaccines not anymore Mandatory. WWG1WGA??? U fools, Your ignorance & blind trusting in THEIR plan actually helped pulling Humanity into Ai Transhumanism Timelines.

Transhumanism is where THEY will trap not just your body but your very soul for eternity! You people are TRUSTING THEIR PLAN and consenting to THEIR transhumanism Agenda by doing so.

New c(Age): False Light Matrix Trap

And for Spiritual peeps: They think, “it is happening in another person’ reality hologram not mine why would I care?” But these people forget that THEY r part of collective consciousness too and they have responsibilities towards Humanity as well. All those so-called Starseeds, Indigoes, Lightworkers who ignore to look at anything dark & continue to focus on just love & light, in serving THEIR own spiritual business. Why you separating yourself from the collective consciousness? Where is the unity among u? Have u all forget that u didn’t incarnate here to just work on your own ascension process, but to guide humanity towards the Liberation from this matrix. But u did just opposite by Blindly believing New c(Age) crap, & gave your consent to those fallen Angelics, False light beings, et’s & Hyperdimensional forces. “If someday you would realize the amount of damage you have unknowingly done to humanity & Earth & how you’re being deceived & used to link THEIR Phantom matrix to our world. You would then do everything to undo it.”

How We Can Still Fix these Mess & Save Humanity from Falling Into Ai Timelines fully?

THEY suppressed all the 0 damaging technologies & gave us all the damaging technologies that run on Oil, pollute, harm us & harm everyone. Yes, Incandescent bulbs can be made highly sufficient more than Led lights. Yes, we can replace interNET with Crystal consciousness-based technologies that doesn’t emit any harmful emf. Yes, we can generate lot of pure energy by tapping into zero point & by linking to the Eternal Negantropic Multiverse grids by disengaging from the compromised energy grids & roots through Khundaray pathway. But we only be able to bring such Technologies by working together in UNITY, Harmony and by maintaining Balance.

Only by knowing the real opposing forces, only by being aware of THEIR control tactics, only by understanding how THEY Operate, what Strategies THEY utilize, By being aware of not just the dark forces but the FAKE LIGHT LUCIFERIANS too who Trick you by Masquerade THEMSELVES as loving being. And THEY will gladly help you until THEY win your TRUST  (Consent) gave you THEIR false teachings that are the sure way of HOOKING you into THEIR Fake light Matrix, “New 5D Earth”.  

THEY too somewhat follow the Universal Laws of Free will. So everything works under Permission (Consent), So THEY trick you to give THEM your permission. And thus THEY claim ownership on you when u accept help from THEM & use their compromised Teachings like happening in New c(Age) communities. And that is how THEY bypass the Karma. In my experience the greatest damage that has been done to my being wasn’t from the Dark forces but from the FAKE LIGHT beings who tricked, betrayed me so many times. But I have learned my lessons. And standing against the entire Army of both Dark Forces & Fake Light beings/Demi Gods/Logos. Who are trying to attack me & few other people who saw THEIR deception. For THEY are afraid of a beings like me who know THEIR entire agenda and TRUTH about THEM.

Penalty For Speaking Truth That Goes Against THEM

Just like in Physical world u r seeing how real TRUTH based channels r getting censored & taken down. How people r getting shadow banned, & attacked for speaking TRUTH. In the same way there are penalties for speaking TRUTH in non-physical realm standpoint. Which is what I am currently taking, Knowing that I am still risking myself for the love & my responsibilities towards Humanity, I am an Indigo, fully aware of my rescue mission here. Came here from future timelines like many of u. To change the mistakes Humanity did by choosing the Ai timelines which made Earth go through the same fate as Meldeck & other planets that blew up or THEIR surface ecosystem got damaged like Mars after the wars & power abuse, And Entire humanity got trapped into cyborg bodies. I am not making this up. A part of humans-turned-Greys imploded THEIR own planet and had to come back here from THEIR future Timelines. But THEY r not the only group, but many other sinister groups like Greys who r taking advantage of humanity’ blindness, suppressed memories, & by utilizing humanity ‘weakness against humans. Look, How much division is going on. How THEY turned humans against each other. Humanity is meant to work together as a one race; Originally Human Race were seeded to become The Guardian of the Universal Star Gate that Earth links to Andromeda.

Honoring yourself & Everyone in balance is still your key purpose. Remember: Whole universe is your home. Earth is not just your home but your main mission. Instead of using escapism, running away from Earth into another la-la land matrix created by THEM to enslave u even more. Why not we come together and work towards the progressive lifestyle? And fix that damage done, which most of u did knowingly & unknowingly. All the starseeds, Indigoes, Lightworkers u have originanly came here to help Humanity. In liberating Humanity. And learning where the mistakes u did in previous Atlantis, Orion, Lyra, Andromeda that resulted in Fall etc., timelines. Don’t use escapism of running out of here without making the rescue mission successful. We can still activate the Resurrection Master Template. To assist Earth to go through Organic Ascension-Incension pathways and ascend into Organic Eternal Negentropic Universe, out of this artificial Time-Matrix. 

Everything depends on Collective Consciousness. No external forces can do anything against collective consciousness combines choices/decisions. Only Humanity can save itself. What controllers r doing is THEY tricking Human Collective to Manifest THEIR version of reality.

So What Is The Solution?

The Ultimate solution is to unplug the matrix. By STEP BY STEP boycotting all of these matrix system that keep us limited and dependent. By balancing the Polarities. Focusing on creating Organic Off-Grid community. And reactivating True Biogenesis programs and fixing the energetic grids, APIN, Thus accessing the Organic Eternal timelines. BALANCE IS THE KEY.

Because, If u r just focusing on the darkness but ignoring the light. U get unbalanced. If u are just focusing on the light but ignoring the darkness. U get unbalanced, too. But if u acknowledge both light and dark and choose to walk on middle path. U transcend the DUALITY. And WIN this game of Polarity Integration.

By seeing people’ insanity, close mindedness and complacent and the speed rate THEY are working towards Enslaving Humanity even more. I am now reached to the position I never thought I would reach. I am feeling great urge to shift out of this smart city (Concentration Camp). & To actively work on my Ultimate Mission of Building Organic Off-Grid community networks all over the world. Starting first from India. I have connected to many of my brothers & sisters who r working on the similar purpose/projects in their own country. I have collected some of the key solutions and ways to rapidly build the entirely new system based on Base-12 mathematics, and Entirely new consciousness-based technologies that works on Eternal science instead of Death Science. For building Technologies that assist/help in empowering us to activate our full Human potential that are being deliberately being blocked by THEM.

So please help me financially by donating whatever amount u feel I deserve. Even a 1$ donation would bring me closure to achieving my rescue/liberation mission. By helping me, you’ll enable me to more powerfully able to help u all. Empowering each other in unity is what I’m wishing to see. So, all these donation monies will be used to buy a land in North East area near mountains. And start building our Off-Grid centers. I have already selected 4 different higher vibrational areas/places in India. And have entire blueprint of how to create such communities in fully balanced, Harmonic ways, shifting fully to NEGANTROPIC system is the ultimate objective. I will add each one of u who is going to contribute to this massive project/mission to our groups on different platforms. The goals would be then to actively develop our own system from the scratch. Not relying on these platforms owned by THEM. But by first learning to shift ur lifestyle to fully organized, most progressive one. And step by step unplugging from these artificial Matrix. Help me I’ll show u the power of Humanity working in Unity, Balance & Harmony. By empowering each other bridging both Hemispheres in sync & balancing Heart & Mind. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this post till the end.

You can donate me via Paypal:

I am Abhishek an Indigo Star Warrior. Awake, Aware & Able.

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