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Spiritual Awakening - Cosmicpreneur

Spiritual Awakening

This is my first post on Cosmicpreneur and the topic I have chosen is : SPIRITUAL AWAKENING.

Anyone who has had a spiritual awakening can remember the moment that they intuitively knew there is something more. Something beyond the petty human drama’s and the never ending clinging and craving of people and stuff. Perhaps you were curious and picked up a book that seemed alien and foreign in context. As you started to read, you started to remember. As you remembered, you realized you were on a new path. One that transformed the very essence of who you thought you were, and opened your eyes, mind and consciousness to something much bigger than yourself. You awoke from the deep sleep of illusion, pierced the veil, and you need to try and make practical sense of it.

In today’s world, particularly in India, a soul on this path has many obstacles, challenges, ego driven desires and questionable ambitions. There are many fulfilling lives however, that do not desire or even need spiritual influence. Sometimes the path leads us to rationally accept what life throws at us and we roll with the punches, come what may. This is not unhealthy. What can be unhealthy are lives that are dominated by fear driven anxieties of the future, and shame/guilt expressions from the past. Being on the spiritual path helps overcome this all to common human condition.

A Spiritual Awakening can best be described as a heightened awareness of your true self. When you strip away your ego, irrational fears and desire to accumulate more than you need, you change. You begin to subtlety realize that we are in fact, all connected. This leads to a significant lessening of judgement of others, as your empathy increases and you begin to see ‘the other side’ of the true motivations of others. With this wisdom, your compassion increases and you begin to live more of your life from your heart center: love. As you begin loving more, your non-ego driven love of yourself is increased, which gives you more confidence. This confidence begins to show through your outer self as your personality begins to reflect an increasing percentage of your true soul self – your Divine Spark. Selfless service (not martyrdom) becomes common as you quietly radiate a higher vibration and your aura is picked up, consciously or subconsciously, by others. In this way, you begin to become a living spiritual guide for others. All of this happens with your full awareness of the process, being led by your intuition and purity of your intentions. A major spiritual lesson is, your intentions matter more than your actions. This requires a level of introspection and self-awareness that a spiritual awakening helps accelerate. You are doing the right things because it matters to your true, higher self, whose primary goal is to overcome fear driven personality constructs and express itself as a co-creative cosmic force that expresses itself through kindness, compassion, wisdom and love.

Spiritual Awakenings are a tap on the shoulder that you should pay attention to. It doesn’t happen to everyone, nor should it. However, for the people it does happen to, you now have a great gift and responsibility to make the most of it in service to your fellow brothers and sisters who need it. Thanks for reading and Shine Forth!

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